Overview Of College Internship/Placements Process for Software Companies

Learn about the process of Campus Placements and Internships and also which subjects are important for targeting software companies.

Many software companies coming to the college allow all the branches to sit for placements. This is a very great opportunity for students from non-circuit branches (CSE, ECE, and EE) to get into the IT field.

If you want to target placements in these companies, you should be aware of the whole process. The first shortlisting is based on your CGPA, branch, 10th, and 12th percentages, and if you have or had a back. The criteria vary with each company and sometimes even if your CGPA is higher than the threshold, the decision to shortlist you depends completely on the company.

The first test can be a coding round, which covers Data Structures and Algorithms, an Aptitude Test, which covers Logical Reasoning and Basic Mathematics, and sometimes a combination of both. Some companies even have Verbal Ability and Reading Comprehension i.e. English based sections in their tests.
It might also be the case that instead of one test, two rounds of varying syllabus and sections be conducted depending on the different roles offered by the company.

Application forms are also used by companies to know more about their candidates apart from the CV. These forms and CVs are submitted after you have cleared the test. The application forms might include questions such as:

  • What are your interests and hobbies? How do you propose to develop these in the future?
  • What are your career aspirations and how can this experience help you?

Now, let’s talk about the technical interview. If the interview is a coding interview the main focus would be on Data Structures and Algorithms. Concepts of Object-Oriented Programming might also come in handy. The next important subjects include Operating Systems, Database Management Systems, and Computer Networks.
Some sample questions might be:
What is a transaction, how is it different from an SQL query, what are its properties? [DBMS]

  • ACID Properties. [DBMS]
  • What is deadlock? [OS]
  • What is thrashing?[OS]
  • Balady’s Anamoly [OS]
  • What is Data Abstraction? Explain it with a real-life example. [OOPS]
  • What is OOPS? Why is it important? [OOPS]

Questions based on your projects, the problems you faced, and how you overcame them are also asked.

The H.R. Interviews or Managerial Interviews are the last stage in the selection process. Some companies however select students in 1-2 technical rounds and don’t conduct H.R. interview rounds while for others it is quite important. The questions asked in these rounds might be related to your projects, internships, strengths, weakness, goals, and why they should hire you. C.V. based questions are also common.